Friday, February 11, 2005

ben folds, kweller, ass kickin superstars.

Saw Ben Folds last night and Ben Kweller opened for him. It was really great. A wonderful show, Ben Kweller was very very good and funny, Ben Folds played lots and lots of stuff he hasn't in a long while so great show there too. The only thing that bugged me was the people around me. We were in the fourth row and everyone in front of us except for one guy way in the front was just sort of standing there. I hope they were just old, take in the music types, but they didn't all look very old. Furthermore, I haven't lost any energy at concerts in the last ten years really. It annoyed me, if you are just gonna stand there and stare into space with that blank expression on your face, then please, sit behind me, I want to enjoy the music, you know, actually crack a smile, show some emotion. Anyway, it was fantastic other than the lamos around us. I was so so so happy to see Ben Kweller too, such a treat. Okay, I obviously have nothing of quality to say, (I'm gonna put some pictures of Ben Kweller up here later so you know what I'm talking about mom).

Thursday, February 10, 2005

CSI Miami, New York...Norman

Watched CSI last night. Sophie loves it, I gotta admit, it's so lame I think I love it too. I don't have any idea which one we were watching, but there was this bus accident, and this guy (an x-con) flew through the windshield and landed so far away the crime scene investigators didn't find him at first, Well they figured it out eventually, and the main guy who I am convinced looks like a child molestor walks up all serious and intense and says, 'Well I guess he got the death penalty." REALLY! They say that kind of stuff on TV STILL! With a super straight face even, I love it.
Anyway, now that its lent I hope everyone is giving something up. It's a good exercise in self discipline, the only problem is I gave up cheese, then I realized that means no more nachos, which is one of my favorite guillty pleasures. Oh well, forty days of absolution and then queso! I also gave up candy, but my teeth are so sensitive at the moment I can't eat it anyway. Thats all for now.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

my life as a seinfeld rerun

I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing when you realize how much you have in common with the characters of Seinfeld. Gotta say, I love the show, but these aren't exactly good people. I recently watched the first season and there is one where Jerry tries to break up with his annoying friend and can't.
So annoying to watch when know EXACTLY what they mean. Blah. SO my friend that I'm trying to 'phase out' (to reference another favorite show) called me sunday night and I answered since I was pretty swamped with homework and I figured, if I answer about once a week and never have time to really talk or do anything, it's just a matter of time, well I answer and she immediately asks me if we are not friends anymore and why haven't I been answering/returning her phone calls blah blah blah, so I tell her that actually I have just been very busy and I have night classes so it is too late to call her back by the time I get home blahblahblah, which seems to appease her, but then she continues to talk for ten more damn minutes and I can't get off the phone. So now I think I have to go home this weekend just to avoid hanging out with her. BLah HATE! I just don't think I should have to tell her that I do not want to be friends with her anymore. There are many reasons for this, the main one being that I have only known the girl for about six months and half of that we weren't really speaking. So, there is my dillema for the day. More people should watch Seinfeld, it's full of life lessons and stuff.