Thursday, February 10, 2005

CSI Miami, New York...Norman

Watched CSI last night. Sophie loves it, I gotta admit, it's so lame I think I love it too. I don't have any idea which one we were watching, but there was this bus accident, and this guy (an x-con) flew through the windshield and landed so far away the crime scene investigators didn't find him at first, Well they figured it out eventually, and the main guy who I am convinced looks like a child molestor walks up all serious and intense and says, 'Well I guess he got the death penalty." REALLY! They say that kind of stuff on TV STILL! With a super straight face even, I love it.
Anyway, now that its lent I hope everyone is giving something up. It's a good exercise in self discipline, the only problem is I gave up cheese, then I realized that means no more nachos, which is one of my favorite guillty pleasures. Oh well, forty days of absolution and then queso! I also gave up candy, but my teeth are so sensitive at the moment I can't eat it anyway. Thats all for now.


Blogger Laura Lee Donoho said...

I am going to link your Blog. I like your comments about tv stuff. I am so beyond entertainment tv, except for American Idol that it's no big deal to me to watch stuff. But I still like to know about it. Your opinions are interesting. (but of course they always have been) I am going to frame the letters we got from your school about your Dean's Honor Roll.

9:36 AM  

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