Friday, February 11, 2005

ben folds, kweller, ass kickin superstars.

Saw Ben Folds last night and Ben Kweller opened for him. It was really great. A wonderful show, Ben Kweller was very very good and funny, Ben Folds played lots and lots of stuff he hasn't in a long while so great show there too. The only thing that bugged me was the people around me. We were in the fourth row and everyone in front of us except for one guy way in the front was just sort of standing there. I hope they were just old, take in the music types, but they didn't all look very old. Furthermore, I haven't lost any energy at concerts in the last ten years really. It annoyed me, if you are just gonna stand there and stare into space with that blank expression on your face, then please, sit behind me, I want to enjoy the music, you know, actually crack a smile, show some emotion. Anyway, it was fantastic other than the lamos around us. I was so so so happy to see Ben Kweller too, such a treat. Okay, I obviously have nothing of quality to say, (I'm gonna put some pictures of Ben Kweller up here later so you know what I'm talking about mom).


Blogger Laura Lee Donoho said...

Be sure to download "Hello" a photo program. It's great and you can upload photos onto your blog with it. Can't wait to see your photos.

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